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      • Once an order is submitted, it cannot be changed or combined with other orders or in any other way be modified after one hour has passed.
      • Orders over $150 may require signature confirmation at delivery.
      • Discounts and sales cannot be retroactively applied to recent orders, whether they have shipped yet or not.
      • Orders with discounts acquired from other people or coupon code scraping sites may be subject to cancellation or modification if the code was not intended for general use. (E.g. codes reserved for in-person sales, individual customers, etc.)
      • Returns and exchanges are accepted within 14 days of delivery. Notification of intent to return must be submitted within 7 days of delivery, prior to return shipping. Used items are NOT eligible for returns or exchanges. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Shipping costs will be deducted from full refunds on returned orders placed with free shipping.
      • We do not accept returns on perfumes.
      • We try our best to accommodate time sensitive orders, but we do not guarantee delivery on or by a certain day.
      • We reserve the right to change shipping carriers or mail class for your order without prior consent if the actual cost significantly exceeds that paid at time of order.
      • Orders with free shipping cannot be shipped to PO Boxes
      • It is your responsibility to investigate lost or missing packages with USPS or your local post office before contacting us. If after two weeks your order has not been marked delivered, we will file a claim with USPS. If after 30 days there has been no resolution from USPS, we will refund or resend your order. We do not investigate or refund lost shipments that have been marked as delivered.
      • We are not responsible for any customs duties or additional charges enforced by your country's postal system.

       Last updated 2/13/21