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  • The Long Year (A June Relaunch Update)

    The Long Year (A June Relaunch Update)

    If you watch enough TV shows about real estate or home renovation, one of the things you learn is that in any house venture, it’s good to be flexible. Whether buying or selling a home, you must always expect some compromise, somewhere, before the deal closes. If you’re renovating, you...
  • Morris: Collection Story

    Morris: Collection Story

    A candle collection inspired by the art of William Morris has long been a goal of mine. I first encountered Morris and the Pre-Raphaelite movement while studying art in college and was immediately captivated by the rich stories and history that surrounded the group. I read...
  • The Long Winter (An Update On W&G)

    The Long Winter (An Update On W&G)

    My dear friends,

    After a prolonged period of silence, I feel it is time I offer an update on the state of things.

    Back in September I made the decision to overhaul Werther & Gray, with grand plans to...