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Werther & Gray Artisan

VAMPYRE, 12oz Scented Candle

$ 30.00

Penny Dreadful Collection

“Tell no one of my death. Not for a year and a day.”

The whispered plea of a mysterious stranger. An oath you are sworn to keep. A fantastical resurrection and a girl’s corpse drained of blood.  Can your heart hold the secrets of the Vampyre? Or will its truth unravel your mind?

Taking a hint from the 19th century John William Polidori tale, the seductive, smoky tones of “Vampyre” invoke a primal terror as old as the tale itself. Thought to suck the blood of the living, drawing them toward the realm of the undead, the Vampyre was the embodiment of Victorian fears… and it may be the same for you. Dark souls who welcome danger into their hearts may try Vampyre—but beware, ye who venture where angels fear to tread.

FRAGRANCE: Frankincense Clove

SIZE: 4.25" x 3.25"
JAR: Red Glass
CLOSURE: Black Lid

****Now comes in non-frosted glass