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TRAGIC BEAUTY, Scented Candle, 11oz Tumbler

$ 32.00
If Edgar Allan Poe is to be believed, there is nothing more poetical than the death of a beautiful woman. Like Poe, many Romantic and Decadent writers of the 19th century embraced pure and untamed emotions, including that most bittersweet of all, melancholy. Artists and writers let their feelings overpower them and spill out onto the canvas or the page.

The Decadent Movement reveled in the particular irony of tragic beauty, and indulged in what Goethe would have considered sickness, and Wilde, amorality. Think The Picture of Dorian Gray.

The fragrance for this candle is indeed quite beautiful, with demure iris and exotic saffron notes.

"What do I care if you are good? Be beautiful! and be sad!"
—Charles Baudelaire, Flowers Of Evil

FRAGRANCE: Saffron & Iris


11oz Black Tumbler in Gift Box
4" x 3.75"
Purple Soy Blend Wax