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Werther & Gray

SÉANCE, Scented Candle, 3.5oz Travel Tin

$ 13.00

Séances became popular during the Victorian era with the Spiritualism movement, whose adherents believed that it was possible to communicate with the spirits of the dead, either directly with the presentation of a spirit, through a talking board or device, or through a human medium channeling a ghost. Our candle features a comforting soft sage note with base notes of amber and smoke.

DARK SERIES: History's shadows are highlighted in this series of night creatures, madmen, murderers, and the supernatural. Great autumn scents for Halloween, or any time of the year for those attracted to the dark side.

FRAGRANCE: Sage, Amber & Smoke


NET WEIGHT: 3.5 oz
TIN: 1.25" x 3.5" Black Metal 
WAX COLOR: Natural
CLOSURE: Twist Off Lid 
SCENT CATEGORIES: Herbal, Oriental