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Have you ever wondered what goes into creating fragrances for candles? Have you ever wanted to make your own custom scent?

Here's your opportunity to learn the basics of fragrance blending while creating a simple, custom scent for use in candles.

At the end of the session, hand over your finished formula and we'll make two candles scented with your special creation!

► Great for beginners with little to no experience working with scents
► Basic palette of easy-to-use fragrant notes
► No candlemaking involved — just make the scent and we do the rest

► Cost includes session materials and two finished candles
► Want more than two? Order additional candles on day of event
► Choose from a variety of finishing options

The Candle Parlour

Fragrance Bar Reservation

$ 45.00

Friday, July 19th

Only 2 people per time slot available.

Due to the very limited nature of this event, no cancellations or refunds will be granted.

This reservation is not eligible for site discounts.

INSTRUCTOR: Charlie! Owner of The Candle Parlour, and perfumer for Werther & Gray and MX Perfume