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Werther & Gray Artisan

FLYING DUTCHMAN, Scented Candle, 8oz Tumbler

$ 22.00

The Flying Dutchman myth is the ultimate example of a ghost ship, one set adrift on the ocean with no living crew. Nautical folklore stretches back to the 17th century, with sightings reported through the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries of a glowing ship with a ghost crew, lost at sea. Our candle inspired by this marine phantasm has a lovely aquatic ambergris note, with spicy bay rum and cedar planks.

DARK SERIES: History's shadows are highlighted in this series of night creatures, madmen, murderers, and the supernatural. Great autumn scents for Halloween, or any time of the year for those attracted to the dark side.

FRAGRANCE: Ambergris, Bay Rum & Cedarwood


TUMBLER: 3.25" x 3" Black Glass
WAX COLOR: Natural
CLOSURE: Dust Cover
SCENT CATEGORIES: Aquatic, Spicy, Woody