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      After branching out quite a bit over the last couple years, I am now working to consolidate several different business ventures under the W&G name, including Victorian Perfume, MX Perfume and Parlour Wicks. To be as clear as possible about the nature of these varied products, I have decided to split them into two categories. You will see these categories as you browse the site, but they will not be printed on labels or designated elsewhere outside this website.

      Artisan items must meet at least two of the following criteria:

      ⦁ hand poured and assembled on-site
      ⦁ belongs to a collection containing mostly original, exclusive fragrances
      ⦁ continuous, open stock

      Estate products may meet one of the above criteria, or none. They may be collaborations with other artists or businesses, or may be a one-of-a-kind item made with a found vessel. They may or may not be limited in quantity. They may be excluded from wholesale, or may be offered below keystone.

      Hopefully this decision will provide more transparency about what we do and will assist you in making better purchasing decisions.

      Owner of Werther & Gray

      ***Please Note*** As of 1/24/20, we are still settling into our new location after a move, so open stock and wholesale availability will return as we replenish our inventory.