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      So, why does it take up to 3 weeks to get your order?

      Here are the most important things that affect Werther & Gray’s lead time:

           ► Production capacity. W&G is a small, handmade company. I often use the royal “we” in communications and posts on social media, but I am just a single person, capable of a finite amount of work each day. I have no business partners or employees and every single task is completed by me, from product development to production to fulfillment to customer service and marketing, and I have to split my time in the best way I can. W&G is not a hobby, it’s my full-time job, 6 days a week, and still almost every day I leave work feeling like there aren’t enough hours in a day! 

            ► Open inventory. Just because you’ve successfully submitted an order does not necessarily mean I have the inventory to fill the order. Selling on multiple platforms presents challenges in keeping an accurate inventory. I have tried many things, including manual adjustments, inventory apps, etc., but in the end only keeping an open inventory (no inventory) has worked for me. I try to keep most things stocked, with a backup in supplies should an item sell out, but inventory is still usually kept relatively low (qty 30 or less). The majority of wholesale orders contain at least one item that needs to be made before it can be fulfilled. It’s just the nature of this very small business. On occasion I will need to place a supply order so I can make your item before I can ship it, and this adds time.

            ► Order volume. This fluctuates seasonally, and sometimes randomly. If there is a long queue of orders before yours, it can take the maximum amount of time to ship. On the other hand, if you’ve caught me in a slow period and there are no wholesale orders before yours, it could possibly even ship within a few days, granted the inventory is available. Regardless of wholesale volume, there is always a queue of retail orders to ship and they have a promised processing time of 3 days or less. The volume of retail orders can also determine your lead time.

      Thinking about making an order status inquiry?

      TRUST that I have received your order and I’m working on it. If you have not received an order confirmation after placing your order, check your spam folder, then reach out to me immediately; don’t wait a week. If it appears that processing time will exceed 3 weeks, I will always notify you. If the three week lead time has elapsed without a shipping confirmation or a personal email from me (has never happened yet), then please feel free to inquire about your order at that time.