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      The Candle Parlour is our brick-and-mortar shop.


      12 Commonwealth Ave
      Claymont, DE 19703


      Fri, Sat & Sun, 12pm-5pm
      Mon-Thurs, CLOSED (We are busy making and shipping your candles!)


      The Candle Parlour is a small shop but packed with very cool stuff. We are not Yankee or Bath & Body Works. Our selection of candles is very focused on vintage, elegant, historical, and gothic styles – ranging from handmade and affordable to high-end luxury candles. You will also find some books, decor, perfume, incense and artwork. A number of things in store are not offered online, and vice versa. If you are looking for something specific, it may be best to inquire before visiting.


      The Candle Parlour grew from a simple desire to expand the brand Werther & Gray into a larger work space. After operating as a true cottage industry for several years, it felt like the right time, so a location was chosen at the historic Overlook Colony in Claymont, DE. It provided all the requirements of a new production space, but as a bonus, also offered a suitable area for retail.

      After completing renovations and curating an exciting range of products, we are set to open the retail store in April of 2018. Our goal has been to keep with the spirit of Werther & Gray in designing the new store and choosing which products to stock. Some of the brands we carry are made on-site or are exclusive to our store, including Werther & Gray and Parlour Wicks.


      The Candle Parlour is located in a mixed use building with a ton of character. From the colorful exterior paint to the slate roof and cupola, it is teeming with historical charm.

      Originally built in 1917 by General Chemical Company as a Community Center to serve the surrounding neighborhood of Overlook Colony (also built by GCC, to house employees), it has since had many different functions, including the meeting place of a fraternal group and of the local fire company, activity center for the nearby Holy Rosary Church, educational center for the children of the colony, theater for "moving pictures", a fall-out shelter, Shinn's, Stein's, and in the 80s and 90s was known as the antiques shop "Lamb's Loft".

      The space now occupied by The Candle Parlour was once the large Community Hall, but has since been divided up into separate rooms.