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Werther & Gray

SWEENEY TODD, 12oz Scented Candle

$ 30.00

Penny Dreadful Collection

Everyone knows the demon barber of Fleet Street, but you’re probably less familiar with the 19th-century tale that gave him his notoriety. Playing on the Victorian fear of vulnerability, Edward Lloyd’s A String of Pearls invites you to imagine the quiet horror of lying prone in a metal chair with a man holding a razor to your throat. You might have dropped by for a simple cut and shave… but walk into the wrong barber shop and you may not come out alive. But that’s not all! Those who make the mistake of doing business with Sweeney Todd may never be seen again—except in a steaming meat pie.

Enjoy Werther & Gray’s new “Sweeney Todd” and ask yourself… how well do you really know your barber? And are you sure you know who’s for dinner?

FRAGRANCE: Eucalyptus Mint

SIZE: 4.25" x 3.25"
JAR: Frosted Green Glass
CLOSURE: Black Lid