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Werther & Gray Artisan

JEKYLL & HYDE, 12oz Scented Candle

$ 30.00

Penny Dreadful Collection

The scariest monsters aren’t under your bed or lurking outside your window at night. They’re already here—in your mind. In your heart. They’re made of the things you do when no one else is looking, of the secret evil things you think and the dark passions you dare to act on. They live in the shadows of everyone’s hearts, just waiting to be unleashed. Can you keep your inner monster under control?

Dr. Henry Jekyll couldn’t. At first, Mr. Hyde made quick, sudden appearances, transformations Jekyll was able to contain. Everyone has a dark side, but Jekyll’s was stronger than he thought… Do you dare explore the inner Hyde of your own? For a scent that’s both handsome and sinister, unleash “Jekyll & Hyde”!

FRAGRANCE: Black Verbena

SIZE: 4.25" x 3.25"
JAR: Black Glass
CLOSURE: Black Lid