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Werther & Gray Artisan

DORIAN GRAY, 12oz Scented Candle

$ 30.00

Penny Dreadful Collection

What would you do for eternal youth and beauty? Would you sell your soul for it? Would you kill? That’s the price Dorian Gray paid to stay forever young. But what if the real essence of your self appeared when you took a picture? What if that picture reflected every hidden horror, every secret sin? How far would you go to keep that reflection locked away? How far would you go to save yourself?

Get lost in the sumptuous fragrance of Werther & Gray’s new “Dorian Gray,” and find out the answers to these and other mysteries for yourself. But if the candle stays forever perfect while you begin to melt and fade away… beware! Perhaps you’re headed for the fate of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde's most notorious creation.

FRAGRANCE: Orchid & Amber

SIZE: 4.25" x 3.25"
JAR: Frosted Green Glass
CLOSURE: Black Lid