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ART & ARTIFICE, Scented Candle, 11oz Tumbler

$ 32.00
The Decadent Movement of the 19th century rejected the ideas of absolute truth and the supremacy of nature and replaced them with illusion, untethered imagination and human creation.  The slogan was “art for art’s sake” and some went as far as to say that everything useful is ugly. This collapse of the ideal, of function and purpose in art ripped a schism in culture and laid a foundation for modernism to flourish in the 20th century.

This Art & Artifice candle will deceive your nose with artfully crafted notes of elegant blackberry and bay.

"There is not one single invention of (Nature's), however subtle or impressive it may be thought to be, that the human spirit cannot create."

—Joris-Karl Huysmans, Against Nature

FRAGRANCE: Blackberry & Bay


11oz Black Tumbler in Gift Box
4" x 3.75"
Green Soy Blend Wax