The Long Winter (An Update On W&G)

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The Long Winter (An Update On W&G)

My dear friends,

After a prolonged period of silence, I feel it is time I offer an update on the state of things.

Back in September I made the decision to overhaul Werther & Gray, with grand plans to release new candles in January. Obviously that didn't happen, and here we are in March, and it still has not happened.

Progress has been excruciatingly slow. I placed the first large order of vessels in early December. When they finally arrived in February, much later than expected, I discovered that I had received the wrong items. Needless to say, this was a major setback, and I am now forced to wait for replacements from another supplier, which will take another six weeks.

One of my objectives in this new chapter of Werther & Gray was to customize every aspect of the design and packaging to the greatest extent possible. As I have learned, dealing with manufacturers for custom products is an entirely different kettle of fish than dealing with distributors and traders. International ports are very congested right now, and I'm feeling pretty helpless about the timeline of things. The price you pay for customization...

In lieu of new candles, I can share some tantalizing info about what's to come...

There are four new candle collections designed and ready to go once all the components are received. Within those four collections are 14 new, exclusive fragrances. Only one of these candle concepts should be familiar to you. Can you guess which one?

On the whole, the new era represents an elevation of quality, value and aesthetic. The brand is growing up! The Winter Collection was merely a hint of what's to come.

My best estimation for when the first new candles will arrive in the shop is now April. When I am more certain about that, I will start revealing more.

Until then, my dear friends,

Yours truly,


Charles H.
Charles H.
1 comment

Thank you for the update. I’m looking forward to what’s to come.

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